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Well Service & Repairs

Is your water not working? Your water well is nothing more than a hole in the ground with a casing to contain the water, for the most part – it’s pretty simple.

However, what’s inside your well is a bit of a different story. Most often, problems in your well occur with the pumping equipment that works to get you your water day in and day out. If that equipment isn’t working, you probably don’t have water – but we can fix that.

Water Well Repairs

The experts at Clear Water Pump and Well Service approach every water well repair job with years of experience diagnosing and solving the problems that stand in the way of a properly functioning water well. We understand how important water is, and it’s our goal to get your water supply up and running as quickly as possible.

With that in mind, we use every tool at our disposal to learn what the problem is and take the necessary steps to provide the well repair that will solve it. After diagnosing a problem with your well, whether it takes pulling out one piece of pipe at a time or replacing a key component – we’ll do what’s needed, whenever needed to get your water back.

Submersible Pumps

Clear Water Pump and Well Service is an experienced provider of repairs and installation for both conventional single phase and variable speed three phase submersible pumps.

 Unlike jet pumps that draw water from the surface, submersible pumps are fully sealed and submerged underwater before pumping, making them more efficient. They push water to the surface for use in your home or business through a water line.

Well & Pump Emergency Response

When your water system falters, reliability becomes paramount. Clear Water Well and Pump Service understands the urgency of a malfunctioning water well system. That’s why we offer 24/7 Water Well Service and Pump Repair, ensuring your access to a dependable water supply at any hour. Don’t let unexpected failures disrupt your water flow; trust Clear Water to restore reliability when you need it most.

Well Water Testing

Transform your water system into a seamless operation with Clear Water’s state-of-the-art Pressure Systems. Designed for reliability and performance, our advanced solutions ensure a steady and consistent water pressure throughout your home or business. Say goodbye to fluctuating water pressure and hello to efficiency and convenience in every use, from showers to appliances. With Clear Water’s Pressure Systems, enjoy the perfect balance of power and precision for your water experience.

About Us

Commitment to Quality

Clear Water Pump and Well Service offers uniquely designed water filtration systems meticulously crafted for each customer using high quality materials and excellent workmanship.

Unmatched Service

Our commitment includes round-the-clock emergency response, ensuring professional and prompt assistance without compromising expertise or professionalism.

Unbeaten Track Record

With a 15-year history, we pride ourselves on an unbroken record of solving every water system issue presented by our 11,000+ satisfied customers

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